Yoshiko Shimizu


Japanese pianist Yoshiko Shimizu, a graduate of the Toho Gakuen School of Music (both the high school and college divisions), first heard Crumb’s Makrokosmos I during her college years. Previously, she studied with Toshio Iwashita, Michiko Chisaka, Yoshie Kohra, Toh Tomimoto, Yuko Ninomiya, and Haruna Miyake. Captivated by Crumb’s unique voice, she then went to America and entered the Eastman School of Music in New York, where she found a mentor in David Burge, the pianist to whom the Makokosmos I is dedicated and with whom she would work closely. Upon receiving her master’s degree from Eastman, Yoshiko Shimizu returned to a career as a concertizing artist in Japan. 




群馬県太田市生まれ。市立沢野小学校、南中学校を経て、桐朋女子高等学校音楽科、及び桐朋学園大学音楽学部を卒業。ピアノを岩下利雄、千坂美智子、高良芳枝、富本陶、二宮裕子、三宅榛名各氏に師事。大学在学中にジョージ・クラムの「マクロコスモスI」に出会い感銘を受ける。大学卒業後、アメリカ、ニューヨーク州にあるイーストマン音楽学校へ、ロータリー財団奨学生として入学。同校で、アメリカを代表する現代音楽のピアニスト、デイビット・バージ(David Burge)氏に師事(氏はクラムの友人であり、「マクロコスモスI」を捧げられた人物でもある)。イーストマン音楽学校修士課程を修了後、帰国。ピアニストとしての活動を開始する。

As a solo pianist and a member of the Eastman Musica

 Nova Ensemble, she played many pieces, especially of contemporary music as follows:

Allan Shindler : “Take Me Places”

Joseph Schwantner :“Music of Amber”

Paul Hindemith :“Kammermusik No. 1”

Kamilló Lendvay :“Concertino per pianoforte,fiati,percussion ud arpa”

Howard Hanson :“Sea Symphony” (as a Celestist)

Joe Hudson :“Reflexives for piano and tape”

George Crumb :"Makrokosmos I"

George Walker :“Spatials –Variations for piano”

Curtis Curtis-Smith :“Rapsodies”

Leon Kirchner :“Piano Sonata”

Elliot Carter :“Sonata for cello and piano”

Theodor Adorno:“Drei Klavierstücke”

              “P.K.B.Eine Kleine Kindersuite”

              “Drei Kurze Klavierstücke”

Michaël Levinas:”3 Etudes pour Piano”

Henry Cowell: “The Banshee”, “Aeolian Harp”

John Cage: “Sonatas and Interludes”

David Burge: “Poignant”, “Spirited”, “Folksong” (from 24 preludes), “Go-Hyang”

Akira Miyoshi :“Chaines Part1”

Yoshio Hachimura :“Improvisation pour piano”

Mamoru Fujieda: “Falling Scale No.4”

Satoshi Tanaka: “The Afterworld”, “Grisaille”, “Oracle”, etc.